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1981 International Handicappeds Year and the Problems of Rehabilitation and Handicappeds in our District
(Eurasian J Med 1981; 13: 21-29)
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Proprioceptive NeuromuscularFacilitation Techniques in the Treatment of Hemiplegia
(Eurasian J Med 1981; 13: 185-205)
An Analysis of the Clinical Features of Patient's with 93 Rheumatoid Arthritis
(Eurasian J Med 1982; 14: 37-45)
The New Foot Print Method For Deformation of Pes Planus Degree
(Eurasian J Med 1982; 14: 257-270)
The Result of Rehabilitation in Chronic Obsructive Lung Patients
(Eurasian J Med 1982; 14: 391-403)
Investigation of the Changes in the Arterial Pulse and Arterial Tension in the Patients With Hypertension and Normal Persons by Application of Ultrasound on the Stellare Ganglion
(Eurasian J Med 1983; 15: 117-131)
The Peripheric Pulse and Arteriel Blood Pressure Variations of Hypertensıve and Normal Tensive Cases By Application of Pulse Ultrasound To Stellar Ganglion
(Eurasian J Med 1983; 15: 415-427)
A Comparative Study About the Progressive Exercise and the Short-Wave Diathermy in the Treatment of the Degenerative Osteorthritis of the Knee
(Eurasian J Med 1972; 4: 67-75)
Poliomyelitis in and Around Erzurum between 1969-73
(Eurasian J Med 1973; 5: 361-369)
Bertolotti's Syndrome
(Eurasian J Med 1974; 6: 165-171)
Low Back Pain
(Eurasian J Med 1975; 7: 263-271)
In Degeneratif Osteoarthritis, Erythrocyte Sedimantation Rate and its Relationship with the Other Laboratory Findings
(Eurasian J Med 1984; 16: 29-38)
The Reactive Arthropatry in Paraplegic Case
(Eurasian J Med 1984; 16: 183-189)
Comparison at the Effects of Naproxen on Proquazon in Khee Degenerative Osteoarthrosiz
(Eurasian J Med 1984; 16: 77-87)
The Rehabilitation Results in 20 Patients with Ankylosing Spondilitis
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: 63-74)
The Clinical Evaluation of Eighty Patients with Anklosing Spondylitis
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: 217-224)
The Effect of Physical Agents and Exercises on the Values of Erythrocyte Series
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: 365-372)
The Effect of Physical Agents and Exercise on the Values of Leucocyt Series
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: 373-380)
The Values of Erythrociter Series in Patients with Pain and the Effects of Physical Agents and Medical Therapy on These Values
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: 533-542)
The Values of Leucocyter Series in Patients with Pain and the Effects of Physical Agents and Medical Therapy on These Values
(Eurasian J Med 1985; 17: -)
Determination of Sacralisation In Low Back Pain By Clinical Evaluation
(Eurasian J Med 1986; 18: 147-162)
Comparison of Tens and Electrical Stimulation in Rehabilitation of the Knee Degeneratif Osteoartritis
(Eurasian J Med 1986; 18: 223-237)
The Signi ficance of Asimmetric Hamstring Reflex in L5 Root Lesions
(Eurasian J Med 1987; 19: 183-190)
A Study of Handicapped People in Centrum of Erzurum City
(Eurasian J Med 1977; 9: 359-364)
Abaout the Therapy of Cervikal Osteoarthlritis
(Eurasian J Med 1977; 9: 381-387)
Foot deformites in all Primary School Students at Erzurum city Center
(Eurasian J Med 1978; 10: 319-324)
Acne Vulvaris
(Eurasian J Med 1978; 10: 333-337)
(Eurasian J Med 1978; 10: 353-356)
The Evaluating of Physical Dicability in Erzurum District
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 13-18)
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Cold Application Exercises and heat Application Exercises in Patients with Mechanical low back Pain
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 57-62)
A Comparative Study About the Medical Therapies Together Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Methods in Painful Shoulder Syndrome
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 109-115)
The Sympatic block of Sudeck Syndrom with the Diadmamic Currents Through the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 291-297)
Review of the 626 Patients With Articular Romatism
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 333-337)
The Effect of Rehabilitation in Acut Myocardial Infareted Patients
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 383-391)
The Healty Reports of the Hendicaped Out Patients Applied to the Erzurum Numune Hospital So As to Receive Salary By Benegiting Grom the Law 2022
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 409-415)
The Socio-Economic Contidions and the Enviromental Assimilation of the Handicaped Employed By Civil And Private, Interprizes Within the Erzurum Province
(Eurasian J Med 1979; 11: 421-429)
The Effect of Physical Therapy on the Ferguson Angle in the Patients with Low Back Pain Due to Reasons of the Soft Tissues and Inadeguate Muscle
(Eurasian J Med 1980; 12: 33-43)
Comparison of Electrical Stimulation with Standart Rehabilitation Metods in the Treatment of Foot Droop in Hemiplegie
(Eurasian J Med 1980; 12: 61-72)
Comparision of the Eftects of Physical Therapy Methods in the Treatment of Senil Osteoporosis
(Eurasian J Med 1989; 21: 743-752)
Compansion of the Effects of Calcitonin Add Physical Therapy in the Senil Osteoporosis Managament
(Eurasian J Med 1989; 21: 753-763)
The Effects of Pulsed Ultrasound on Joints with Effusion in Rheumatoid Artritides
(Eurasian J Med 1989; 21: 763-768)
Complications of Pulmonary Sysyem in Rheumatiod Arthritis Because of a Case
(Eurasian J Med 1990; 22: 141-146)
The Effect of Electric Stimulation on Upper Extremity Functions in Hemiplegic Patients
(Eurasian J Med 1991; 23: 9-20)
Clinical Features of 110 Hemiplegic Case
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 943-950)
A Clinical Research on 420 Cases with Poliomyelitin in the Region of Erzurum 1973-1976
(Eurasian J Med 1977; 9: 9-16)
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