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Tuberculosis of the Lariynx
(Eurasian J Med 1991; 23: 157-160)
Tandır Burns
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 289-296)
The Influence of Chlorpromazine Hydrocloride on the Prevention of Flap Necrosis
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 307-312)
Lymphoma of the Gingiva
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 399-403)
Neurosensorial Hearing Loss Due to Chronic Renal Failure
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 851-856)
A Bacteriologic Study in Chonic Maxillary Sinusitis
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 857-860)
A Case Report of a Hydatid Cyst Located in the Neck
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 885-888)
The Comprasion of Sutur Materials and the Usage of Tissue Addhessive Materials in Tracheal Reconstructions
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 889-894)
Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the Base of Tongue (Due to two Cases)
(Eurasian J Med 1992; 24: 999-1006)
An Investigation on the Hearing Loss Due to Industrial Noise in Erzurum and Surroundings
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 11-18)
Treatment of Secretory Otitis Media in Children
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 117-124)
The Relationships Between Hand Preference and Durations of Right-and Left-ear Hearing in Humans
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 163-170)
The Durations of Bone and Airway Hearings in Both Ears of Right-and Left-Handed Young Adults
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 171-176)
Evaluation of CRP in Acute Otitis Media
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 573-580)
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