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Endobronchial Metastasis in Malignant Melanoma
(Eurasian J Med 1997; 29: 411-413)
The Effect of Postural Change on Differentiation Criteria of Pleural Transudates and Exudates
(Eurasian J Med 1997; 29: 433-437)
Evaluation of 155 Patients Treated with Surgically Because of Primary Lung Cancer
(Eurasian J Med 1999; 31: 69-74)
Macleods Syndrome
(Eurasian J Med 1996; 28: 232-234)
Effects of Air Pollution on Respiratory Health of Adolescent Children in Erzurum City
(Eurasian J Med 1994; 26: 177-186)
A Rare Interstitial Fibrosis Case of the Lung Coursig with Diabetes Insipidus
(Eurasian J Med 1994; 26: 187-186)
A General View For Unusual Gram Negative Panevmonias of the Lung Belause of A Case
(Eurasian J Med 1993; 25: 551-560)
The Profile of the Cases with Malignant Mesothelioma from Erzurum and the Adjacent Cities
(Eurasian J Med 2006; 38: 96-99)
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