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Eurasian J Med 2000; 32: 49-52

Key Words: Femoropopliteal bypass, Aterosclerosis obliterans, Tromboangiitis obliterans

32 patients performed 36 femoropopliteal bypass due to peripheric artery disease were analysed in a five year-period. 28 out of cases were male and the rest female. The average age of patients was 56,5. 26 of the cases had aterosclerosis obliterans, and 6 of them had thromboangiitis obliterance as primary pathology. The saphen vein, politetraflouroethilene or dacron as graft material were used in cases. Trombectomy was required due to graft thrombosis in five cases in 3 to 20 days. Amputation was applied in five patients in a week to one month. Pseudoaneurysm developed in 1 patient on postoperatively 15th day. In the proximal anastomose line, and was operated. Graft infection occured in two patients in early period. One case died in postoperatively 10th day. The cases were followed up 3-48 months (mean 26 months). If anastomose is to be applied to above knee region in the patients to whom revascularization will be done due to peripheric artery disease, synthetic graft can be preferred. If tibio-peroneal artery, will be anastomosed insitu technique or reversed saphen vein can be preferred.

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