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Eurasian J Med 2004; 36: 65-70

Key Words: Sciatic injury, Drug injection

Intramuscular injection is a frequently and mainly employed procedure in medical practices. The two most frequent sites for injection are the low and medial areas of the buttock involving the sciatic nerve and the antero-lateral region of thigh. Sciatic injury is rarely resulted from direct traumatic lesion of nerve, but usually from the toxic effect of the injected drug. Injection injury is more likely to occur in individuals with a thin or poorly constructed buttock, such as those who are cachectic because of disease or old age. The likelihood of injury is increased if a long needle is used, if the hub of the needle depresses skin and subcutaneous tissues, or if the needle is angled toward the dipole or course of the nerve. Incidence may also be increased if a patient receives an injection in the buttock while he or she is in a lateral and recumbent position or is standing and bent over. In a conclusion, Injection-induced sciatic nerve injury is a complication results from inexperience and careless. Therefore, the buttocks should not be used as an intramuscular injection site in children particularly those below aged five years and cachectic persons.

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