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Organophosphate and Carbamate Toxicity
1 Atatürk Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Acil Tıp Anabilim Dalı, Erzurum  
2 Atatürk Universitesi, Tıp Fakültesi, İlk ve Acil Yardım Anabilim Dalı, Erzurum  
Eurasian J Med 2007; 39: 55-59

Key Words: Emergency department, Carbamate, Organophosphate, Toxicity

The insecticides most often implicated in systemic diseases are organophosphates and carbamates. These compounds are too toxic to exposure. Their effect mechanism includes inhibition of cholinesterase enzyme in nervous system. Symptoms and findings depend on the equilibrium between the nicotinic and muscarinic receptors. Therapy of organophosphate and carbamate poisoning includes supportive treatment, decontamination procedure, prevention of absorption and antidote administration.

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