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Case Report
Laparascopic Splenectomy Due to Splenic Injury after Colonoscopy
1 Department of General Surgery, Atatürk University School of Medicine, Erzurum, Turkey  
2 Department of Emergency, Atatürk University School of Medicine, Erzurum, Turkey  
Eurasian J Med 2016; 48: 153-155
DOI: 10.5152/eurasianjmed.2015.15040
Key Words: Laparoscopy, splenectomy, colonoscopy

Colonoscopy, which is routinely performed in diagnosis and treatment of colorectal disorders, is a reliable procedure. Its most frequent complications are bleeding and perforation. Splenic rupture is a very rarely met complication of colonoscopy, and delay in its diagnosis leads to increased morbidity and mortality. We presented a 69 years old female patient, who was diagnosed by computerized abdominal tomography, performed for her abdominal pain, which started following the colonoscopy. After 15 days of medical treatment and follow-up, laparoscopic splenectomy was performed one month after her colonoscopy. The patient was discharged on her 4th postoperative day, with uneventful recovery. In patients who have complaint of abdominal pain following colonoscopy, an intraabdominal pathological condition should be considered and computerized abdominal tomography should be performed. If there is no detected intraperitoneal bleeding, in other words, if there is a sub-capsular hematoma of the spleen, medical management by monitoring the vital signs may be preferred. Then, splenectomy should be performed at an appropriate time.

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